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Good Thinking NLP

Welcome to effective and enjoyable skills for keeping your thinking and ideas fresh, authentic and unsullied in an entrepreneurial age.

For more than twenty-five years Faith’s focus has been on helping people to make the changes they want to make, but first those changes have to be figured out. These are entrepreneurial times for us all, no matter who we are and especially now we need liberation of mind, heart and action. Good Thinking NLP affords that.

The Key

- is development. To adapt and thrive in mind, body and yes - soul in these fast moving times. Move with more peace knowing you are keeping safe your greatest asset - your thinking. From our thoughts comes our response, from our response comes action, from our actions come our results and our place and our impact on the wider, wonderful world. So let’s make them good ones.

And - like many trainers and coaches, mostly in past years the work has been done face to face. Now, Faith is including online developments and we hope you will keep in touch as more trainings, apps and ebooks arrive.

This easy to use app for Android randomly generates powerful questions which will freshen up your ideas. It’s for self-coaching or for coaches, business or life, for inspiration and planning or just for fun.

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Online Coaching by

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Do you procrastinate or have a tough time getting going?

Speedboats, hang-ups and cutting loose

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 Welcome to Good Thinking NLP


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Entrepreneurs Ace Question Box

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Faith is a highly qualified and extensively experienced communication trainer, coach, writer and speaker putting the developmental potency of NLP to work for individual private clients, business leaders and executives both in the UK and overseas.


First you have to figure it out…