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Good Thinking NLP

Do you know this feeling?

Something has to change. You want to make changes. There’s no going back from this moment. You want new goals and ambitions and it’s important to you to make them work.

At the moment, you’re not sure what they look like, but deep down you know what they are. You want to do some good thinking to figure it out and get going.

  Good Thinking Coaching

If you're looking for someone to help you, you wouldn't need a therapist for that. There's nothing wrong with you - you simply want a change. So you'd want someone whose expertise is in helping you make those changes happen.

They might help you to identify your goals, lay out a doable, pleasing and effective route of action, help you break down obstacles along the way, and make sure that every week you're making progress.

All of my training and expertise is in helping people make progress towards their goals and and live the life they want to live. My clients are from business and corporate worlds as well as individual, personal life.

What do I do? Personal development coaching, business coaching, executive or leadership coaching; all of these, as appropriate. But this is the most important question:

What are your wishes, desires and goals?

I make it a habit to set aside two coaching hours every week for two no-charge strategy sessions. There's no obligation whatsoever. If you would like to take up this opportunity, click here to email me.

   At the end of this conversation you will feel a lot closer to your goals.

Online Coaching by Phone or Skype

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A handy kindle book

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entrepreneurial spirit

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This easy to use app for Android randomly generates powerful questions which will freshen up your ideas. It’s for self-coaching or for coaches, business or life, for inspiration and planning or just for fun.

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Do you procrastinate or have a tough time getting going?

Speedboats, hang-ups and cutting loose

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Creating Your Wealth

Creating  your Wealth

Faith has been a coach, trainer, author and speaker for personal, professional and business development for more than twenty-five years. As a champion of independent thinking she takes great delight in the rise of the entrepreneur in 21st century life.

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