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Good Thinking Coaching and Training

Do you know this feeling?

Something has to change. You want to make changes. And there’s no going back from this moment.

Maybe you’re not sure what those changes  look like just now, but deep down you know what they are. So you want to do some good thinking to figure them out and get going. With Good Thinking Coaching, you will be able to do that from the very first session.

Your opportunity

I make it a habit to set aside two coaching hours every week for two no-charge strategy conversations. There's no obligation whatsoever and there’s no doubt that this session will get things started for you.

Think about it. And if you would like this opportunity, click here to email me.

Neat companions for entrepreneurial minds

Simply click on the book image to go straight to

Amazon, look inside these kindle publications and and download a sample.

Questions are the source of

fresh, clear thinking. This

e-book gives you quick

access to thirty-two good ones,

to keep those mental faculties happy, alive and kicking.


with Style

and Impact

A step by  step e-guide

for developing a presentation

that you are pleased to give

and your audience is happy

to hear. It’s practical from the very

first page. Have an idea in mind, follow the steps, and enjoy  developing a first rate presentation.


your Wealth

A handy collection of

easy dip-in ideas and

questions to exercise

your imagination for a

business boost.

The Neat Companions for Good Thinking

The Kindle format perfectly complements Faith's practical, waffle-free style. In this series, she shares some of the best techniques for being effective in a prime selection of areas that are essential for entrepreneurial success.


Do you procrastinate or have a tough time getting going?

Speedboats, hang-ups and cutting loose

 Faith’s recent blog here


Business English Language Training for

Overseas Executives (BEFL)


“Just what we needed”

  “ Faith - you are definitely

in the right job!”

“Has given me great confidence”

“Great -

immediate, practical use”.

Faith has been a coach, trainer, author and speaker for personal, professional and business development for more than twenty-five years. As a champion of independent thinking she takes great delight in the rise of the entrepreneur in 21st century life.

Good Questions  mean  Good Thinking

Online Coaching by Phone or Skype

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Business English as a Foreign Language

For the great satisfaction of increasingly high performance in the English Language for Leadership and Executive work read more here

Getting engagement - powerful communication

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