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For your self, for your choices - sometimes you can’t put it into words...

Nevertheless deep down you do know the answers. Anthropologist and psychologist  Alberto Villoldo tells of when he was in the Amazonian jungle as it got dark and he had wandered off the trail. He realised he was lost -

- then he realised that being lost was a feeling - a fearful one at that. So he re-labelled his situation with one of facts: he didn’t know where he was.

This made him look around in a different way. He saw a stream and knew his camp was down river. So he walked downstream, found the river, and got a lift from some ‘indigenous people in a canoe with a powerful outboard motor’ - marvellous - and travelled swiftly back to camp.   (*Article: Cygnus Review, July 2010)

This is a powerful metaphor for points where choices have to be made. Here’s how it worked for me (Faith) when I felt lost and stuck..

Explore, clamber, climb, be curious.

Choice points are magical

We make thousands of choices every day and they are no less magical for that.

At their most powerful, they are moments when you stick your oar in the river of your life and get a good steer your journey.

They are moments when time stops while you select from several possible futures.

They can land us in hot water or mediocrity or Utopia.

Without them there are no heroes, no achievements, and certainly no cups of coffee.


Choice Magic

Energy Magic


Choice magic